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The Dark Side of The Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge is not only the most recognizable landmark of San Francisco, but also a suicide hot spot.

Tourists visiting this iconic structure can easily notice suicide prevention helpline numbers displayed along its length. They could also come across bridge staff patrolling walkways on bikes. The patrols keep an eye out for people who are on their own, not taking photos, not jogging or exercising, but seem to be in distress.

The tragic history of the Golden Gate Bridge started soon after its completion in 1937 as the first person committed suicide there 10 weeks after it opened in 1937. Since then there have been over 1,800 suicide attempts. Only last year 25 people died and 198 were prevented from jumping off the bridge.

Now the most photographed bridge in the world is being fitted with anti-suicide nets, which will prevent suicides. After a long process and hundreds of millions spent, the project beset by delays, is finally close to completion.

Task 1.

Find these six phrases in the text.

  1. a place where a lot of people commit suicides

  2. a telephone service for people who need help because they want to kill themselves

  3. to look for somebody

  4. sad and worried

  5. to stop someone from doing something

  6. the project whose construction didn't go according to the schedule

Task 2.

Watch to a short news report and answer the questions.

  1. When did the construction of the suicide net start?

  2. When was it planned to be completed?

  3. What is the new completion date?

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The Dark Side of The Golden Gate Bridge
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Task 1:

1. a suicide hot spot 2. suicide prevention helpline 3. keep an eye out for somebody 4. in distress 5. to prevent someone from doing something 6. the project beset by delays

Task 2:

1. 2018

2. by 2021 (the construction ... was slated to be completed ..) In AmE if something is slated to happen, it is planned to happen in the future at a particular time

3. the end of 2023


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