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Sprawdź jak dobrze znasz słownictwo potrzebne do rozmowy na temat mobilizacji w Rosji

Zaktualizowano: 25 wrz 2022

Wstaw 15 słów i wyrażeń do tekstu o ostatnich wydarzeniach w Rosji. Odpowiedzi znajdziesz w Odcinku 5 podcastu PoLoop Angielski, który już jutro wieczorem. Powodzenia!

  • all is not going to plan

  • are being served draft notices

  • be deployed to the front

  • broke out

  • called up

  • closed their borders

  • declared a mobilisation

  • draft-dodgers

  • draft-dodging

  • draft-centres

  • draft papers

  • flee

  • got the better of

  • partial mobilisation

  • reservists

Kremlin's desperate move

Panic 1___________________ Putin, and last Wednesday he 2___________________ . Most commentators say it is a sign that 3___________________ for Russia.

It is supposed to be a 4___________________ , which means that only 5___________________, men who underwent military training in the past 6___________________ . However, there are reports that 7___________________ are handed out to everyone the military recruitment officials can find. According to the The Times, students, men over 60 and even the sole carers of disabled children are being 8___________________. Finding reservists wanting to 9___________________ is not easy. 10___________________ is on a massive scale. Thousands of men of fighting age instead of heading to the 11___________________, are trying to 12___________________ the country. Some 13___________________ are trying to leave by air, but flights have become expensive. Others are trying to run away by land to Georgia or Armenia. The options for those seeking to escape are running out, as many countries, including the Baltic states and Poland, have 14___________________ to Russians. The mobilisation is a highly unpopular move by the Kremlin, so even though Russians are scared to protest, demonstrations 15___________________ in Moscow and 30 other cities, and around 1,300 people were arrested.


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