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O pewnym typie charakterologicznym

Nie wiem czy znasz słowo "curmudgeon"; może jest Ci ono znajome, może nie. Niezależnie od tego, zapraszam do przeczytania tekstu poniżej. Znajdziesz w nim wiele wyrażeń opisujących pewien typ osobowości. Może po jego przeczytaniu przyjdzie Ci na myśl jakaś konkretna osoba :-)?

John was a notorious curmudgeon. He was always cranky and ill-tempered, frequently snapping at anyone who dared to speak to him and yelling at kids who walked on his lawn. He was an irritable and miserly old man who couldn't get along with anyone. John was always grumpy and argumentative, with a sour outlook on life. He seemed to take pleasure in finding fault with everything and everyone around him. His negative attitude and constant complaints made it hard for others to be around him, and he often found himself alone. Despite the efforts of those around him to be friendly and understanding, John remained set in his ways and determined to stay unhappy.


  • argumentative: Someone who is argumentative likes to argue and often disagrees with others. PL: kłótliwy, swarliwy

  • can't get along with someone: If you can't get along with someone, it means you have difficulty communicating or being friends with them. You may have frequent disagreements or conflicts. PL: nie może być z nikim w dobrych stosunkach

  • cranky - If someone is cranky, they are irritable, easily annoyed, and often in a bad mood. PL - gderliwy, zrzędliwy

  • curmudgeon - A curmudgeon is an old, cranky, ill-tempered person who is often irritable or miserly. They can be difficult to get along with because they always find fault with everything and everyone around them. PL: stary zgred; zrzęda

  • finding fault with everything and everyone - This means that someone constantly criticises and complains about everything and everyone around them, always looking for other people's flaws and mistakes. PL: wszędzie szukający dziury w całym

  • grumpy - Similar to cranky, someone who is grumpy is irritable and often in a bad mood. They may snap at people or be unpleasant to be around. PL: gderliwy, zrzędliwy, gburowaty

  • snap at someone - To snap at someone means speaking to them in an impatient, angry or irritated way. PL: warknoąć na kogoś; odburknąć komuś

  • ill-tempered - Someone who is ill-tempered can be easily annoyed or irritated. PL: wybuchowy, łatwo wpadający w gniew

  • irritable - Similar to ill-tempered, irritable people are easily annoyed or upset. PL: drażliwy, rozdrażniony

  • miserly - Very stingy, unwilling to spend money. PL: skąpy

  • set in his ways - This phrase means that someone is unwilling to change their habits or opinions and prefers to do things like they always have. PL: niereformowalny; uparty

  • with a sour outlook on life - Someone who has a sour outlook on life is pessimistic and tends to focus on the negative aspects of life. PL: z negatywnym podejściem do życia

  • yell at someone - To yell at someone means to speak to them in a loud, angry voice. PL: wydzierać się na kogoś


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