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Quiet Quitting

Zaktualizowano: 17 wrz 2022

The Times has recently reported that there is a growing trend, which is called 'quite quitting'. It's about working as little as you can in order to find a better work-life balance. Quite quitters ignore emails sent out of hours or refuse projects which are not part of their job descriptions.

The trend, which is being promoted by many TikTok users, is not a completely new idea. A similar approach was popularized by worn-out young employees in China under hashtag TangPing, which means 'lying flat'.

Some people believe that quite quitting is the result of people's priorities having changed during the pandemic. Confronted with their own mortality, people started to get their priorities right, which for many means working less.

  1. find a better work-life balance - znaleźć równowagę pomiędzy życiem zawodowym a osobistym

  2. emails sent out of hours - wiadomości wysyłane po godzinach pracy

  3. be not part of one's job description - nie należeć do czyichś obowiązków

  4. worn-out employees - wycieńczeni, skonani pracownicy

  5. confronted with one's own mortality - w obliczu własnej śmiertelności / zdawszy sobie sprawę z własnej śmiertelności

  6. get one's priorities right - zrozumieć co w życiu jest dla kogoś ważne / ustalić swoje priorytety

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